Group Coaching, Training & Facilitation Services for IOPs, Detoxes & Rehabs

I have a unique approach to working with recovery program’s clients in groups. It is a blend of providing training on a topic, facilitating a discussion pertaining to the topic and coaching group members as they apply the teachings to their lives.

I am also quite unique in the wide variety of subjects I can provide. I have worked in recovery as well as being clean and sober for over 40 years.  Sure,  I can run the usual Step oriented and relapse type groups but that is not the reason to hire me.  Where I shine are the groups that are based on my extensive background as a life and mentor coach and an NLP practitioner and maybe even more important, come with having utilized these skills and techniques successfully in my long, full life.  I just don’t talk the talk from theory. I walk the walk so when I present on a subject I can do so with the certainty that these are workable solutions based on both personal experience and that of a professional lifetime of clients.

These groups that are focused on the getting-on-living skills so necessary for life after rehab and acquiring the internal skills for exquisitely navigating the minefields of early recovery. Because they address and answer many of the questions, doubts and fears of folks in early recovery, my experience is that clients are eager for my next group.

Here are some of the topics I covered in a recent two month period (elsewhere on this site, you can find articles I have written on many of these titles):

  • How to Win the Rehab Game
  • The Root Cause of All Addictions
  • The Habit of Habits and how to change it
  • Six Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem/Love
  • Automatic Writing for Recovery and Life
  • How to Eliminate Most Anxiety
  • Why the 12 Steps Work
  • Basic NLP Communication Skills
  • Relationships 101
  • Dealing effectively with Negative Thoughts – The Stop Technique
  • Tolerations
  • Writing the 4th Step (workshop)
  • How to Keep One’s Sanity in Disruptive Environments
  • Spirituality
  • Coming from Cause vs. from Effect
  • Handling Rejection
  • Your Dream of Dreams

I am totally flexible. I can provide one-off groups on a topic, can do regularly scheduled daily or weekly groups and can fill in for a staff member who is on leave or vacation. Having worked in many programs over 45 years, I can hit the ground running and quickly adapt to the rhythm of the program and its staff.  I recently provided 12 groups/week for two months for an IOP whose regular staff member was on extended leave.

Here’s a link to my resume:   Resume – Jason Wittman, MPS

Unless I am already booked, I can usually respond with little notice. To ensure that I am available, please book as soon as you know you need my services. There is only one of me and when I am booked, I’m booked and unavailable.

I can be reached on my cell phone at 213-804-4408 (Please call rather than text if it is a time urgent inquiry.)