Speaking of Recovery podcasts

Saturday, June 10, 2024

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  1.  Our concepts of God

Gary Pratt and Jason Wittman in a free-wheeling discussion of how their concepts of God fit into their recovery programs.


2,  Therapeutic Communities

day 2 a. Honesty and Guilt, AA and Synonon


Gary Pratt and Jason Willman discussing, in the first part, a general discussion of therapeutic communities  and

Day 2 b. Synonon explained


A detailed discussion regarding their intake procedure and its relation to the AA Step 1 and then a detailed description of how groups were structured and run in T.C.s and the lessons to be learned that would be applicable to current rehab organizations.


3a. The Environment Always Wins!

Gary Pratt and Jason Wittman discuss the coaching concept of The Environment Always Wins and how that helps to explain the magical influence that 12 Step programs have over the recovery process.


3 b. Honest and Guilt

Gary Pratt and Jason Wittman discuss the relationships between Honesty and Guilt and why dealing with guilt is a vital part of the recovery process as well as a vital goal for generally having a good life.


4.a. ll About Tolerations, the Precursors of Resentments

Dan Benton and Jason Wittman discuss how an old coaching concept is very useful in doing a complete writing of the 4th Step on Resentments. The discussion centered around how Tolerations are the precursors’ of Resentments and how if attention is placed on dealing with Toleration’s they never grow into Resentments


4.b. – Self-Esteem and How to enhance it

A conversation between Dan Benton and Jason Wittmsn on Self-Esteem, the ramifications of having none or low esteem (the root cause of all addictions), and how to greatly enhance it.