Virtual 12 Step Meetings, etc.

This is a collection of Online Meeting Guides, lists, etc. Click the links below for access the pages:

In addition to the directories on this page, you can always find this ZOOM room with a meeting going on 24/7 daily.  They start a new meeting on the hour continuously! It is a worldwide meeting. “I can’t find a meeting when I needed it” is no longer true.  Here is the ZOOM meeting code. No password needed:        292 371 2604

National ZOOM Meeting Guides

 LA AA Online Meeting Directory

NA Online meetings for greater L.A.

CMA Online Meetings for L.A. County

MA (Marijuana Anonymous) Online & local location Meetings

The Remote Recovery FB Group’s Listings of online meetings in the SF and Bay Area for all the 12 Step Fellowships

A Sober Guide to Zoom Meeting Management

LA AA’s Online Meeting Best Practices -Video Tutorials & Written Walk-throughs

ZOOM’S NEW SECURITY UPDATE:  As of 27 Sept 2020, meetings without a password will automatically have “waiting rooms” activated by ZOOM as the default.

Here is their announcement:

>>>>>>One-Hour – Two Speaker Meeting                                                           Solutions in Sobriety (COLFAX)                                                                                   (This is the oldest GLTBQ meeting in the Valley)                                              Saturday 8:00 PM Pacific

Meeting ID: 795 9625 3473         Password: Solution20


>>One of the oldest and best Big Book Meeting is now online – Sunday at 9:30 AM (room opens at 8:30 AM – 500 person capacity and it will be full at 9:30!)  ZOOM ID# 77881426182

>>11th Step Meditation meeting from Monterey CA every Sunday at 7 AM ZOOM ID# 942 369 5341  password 811 460