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Here are the MP3 download instructions:

The mp3 Program you are about to download as a gift from me, “Conditioning for Inner Learning,” is very useful as a tool for learning to be able to relax whenever you want or need to. After you use it for 6+ days, you will notice that a nice, deep breath will instantly produce relaxation. I used to market this program but I decided when I was looking for a gift for my clients that the best gift I could give anyone is the ability to relax. I know that if you follow these simple instructions: get comfortable, start the program, and listen, it will work for you. You will know that the program is working well when you hear the beginning part and drift off and awake just as it is ending, feeling refreshed and relaxed. To get the full benefit of this program, I suggest that you play it once a day for a full month.

This program is copyrighted by me (©1983, Jason Wittman) so you can not sell or distribute it. You do have my permission to burn a CD-ROM or load it onto your cellphone, so you can listen to it away from your computer. If you want your friends to experience this program, have come to this page and download it directly from me. Enjoy the Program!

Please read the following instructions BEFORE downloading the mp3. Please pay particular attention to the warning about using in a moving vehicle. My first suggestion on the program is to close your eyes. Not a good thing to do when driving!

Please Read These Instructions Before Using the Program


Never use self-hypnosis tape in a moving vehicle. All of these tapes make the suggestion to close your eyes. Driving with eyes closed would most likely create a disaster. This is not one of the most desirable outcomes and might wreck the rest of your day. If you are a passenger and are using headphones, that’s OK. Remember that anyone hearing the program will be affected by it, even if they are not consciously listening or interested in it, so keep it off the car stereo system.

Download Instructions:

Go to this link: https://gumroad.com/l/jjw201/comp1                                                         Before you click on the “I want this” button, please read the writing on the page.

Some significant features of my Conditioning for Inner Learning™ Program

My programs were developed after considerable study of the most effective self-hypnosis programming methodologies. The actual words that I use are the result of many years of experience as a practicing Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. When making suggestions to the inner mind, it is extremely important that the structure of the suggestions and the choice of wording are correct. For example, you will notice, when you hear the suggestions that they are all positive wording. The word “not” or any of its contractions, “can’t, won’t isn’t, etc.,” are totally absent. If they appear in a suggestion, your inner mind will get the opposite suggestion from the one intended.

All my Inner Learning™ Programs are 100% guaranteed to produce results for you or you can return them for a full refund. In all the years I have been marketing them, I have never had one returned by someone who followed my simple directions on how to use them. If you are not getting the promised results, email me and I will work with you so that you can have success.

A complete list of my Programs are on a sister website, http://innergametools.com/ 

P.S: Using this Program for at least 6 days or until you fairly quickly go into a nice relaxing state, is a prerequisite to using any of my specialized Transforming Inner Learning™ Programs, that is because this Conditioning Program gives you the practice of quickly and easily going into a very relaxed, meditative trance state. It is in that state where your inner mind will be most receptive to accepting the suggestions on the Transforming Inner Learning™ Programs. Doing it this way allows me to make the “induction” part (the getting you into the trance state) on the “Transforming” Programs (if you want to use them), very short, so that the majority of the Program can be devoted to achieving the primary goals of the program. Most people who initially report less than expected success did not follow the direction to use the Conditioning Program first.