A Sober Guide to Zoom Meeting Management


To download a PDF of this eBook click on the link below:

A Sober Guide to ZOOM

Also, here is a great infographic on ZOOM Security

Here is the procedure that I use when hosting 12 Step Meetings (pretty much the same as the infographic, above)

Here are the suggested settings so that the meeting will be as bomber-proof as possible:

    1. Activate the “participants are muted upon entry”
    1. Uncheck “Participants can unmute themselves”
      1. This means that as they are admitted at the beginning of the meeting, one of the host/co-hosts needs to unmute them if you want everyone to be able to converse before the start of the meeting
    1. Mute everyone when the meeting starts
    2. Enable the waiting room (host/cohosts will have to let people join the meeting)
    3. Disable allowing participants to share their screens.
    1. Uncheck that participants can rename themselves
    1. Make as co-hosts,  the speaker, timekeeper and anyone else that will need to individually unmute themselves
    1. Assign a co-host to monitor the meeting. That person needs to know how to, quickly,  place bomber idiots in the waiting room, and then know how to remove them. 

That will eliminate most of the bombers. If they enter after the meeting is muted they will find that they can not unmute themselves and will usually leave. The only two places hosts will need to monitor are the chat (if you have it enabled during the meeting) for asshole and racist, etc comments and the actual grid of participants pictures because occasionally they will just hold a stupid picture up in front of their camera.


As of 27 Sept 2020, meetings without a password will automatically have “waiting rooms” activated by ZOOM as the default.

Here is their announcement: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360045009111