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Designing Your Great Life! ~ Time-Tested    Prescriptions for a Life Worth Living 

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This book is the result of having worked with a wide variety of clients, from city mayors and corporate execs to teens living on their own and hustling on the streets. Over these past 45+ years, I have been able to figure out what therapeutic techniques and social philosophies actually work in real life and not just as conjured up theoretically by some university researchers. I am an early adopter of just about everything including new ideas on improving one’s life. I am also an early discarder of methodologies that are great hype and of little use.

There are a finite number of different problems that clients may experience in life and for them, I have developed an effective and practical set of remedies and solutions. Over the years, I have kept track of those recurring problems and my suggested solutions. This book is a compilation of those teachings, solutions, and philosophies that tested over time, have shown the greatest positive results.

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Anna Fussell

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022

This is a gem-studded book of marvelous techniques to transform your life – no matter who you are. Jason has been practicing in the field his whole career. Here, he gathers all of his nuggets, his wisdom, and experience in one place so that you have a whole banquet of techniques to help you raise your sense of value and worth.
We live in a culture that has taught us to place whole portions of who we are in hibernation – or on ice. Whenever we do this we hurt ourselves – we lose contact with the richness, vitality, wonder, and power of who we are, which results in feeling empty and in pain. Jason’s book gives you remedies, and ways to recover so that you can live your best life as the best you that you can be. When we carve off parts of ourselves to get others’ approval (parents, peers, school, church, work, etc.) we pay a huge cost. We devalue who we are, we feel shame, which completely erodes our self-esteem, sabotages our creativity, and cripples our ability to be in relationships. Because the resulting pain is so great, most of us look for something to anesthetize our inner pain – which leads to addictions of all kinds.

Two things stood out in this book. Smiling at oneself in the mirror and saying a positive thing is life-transforming. I know this exercise. I’ve done it. After reading Jason’s book, I have invented a whole new approach. When I see myself in the mirror, I greet myself effusively just like I greet my dearest friend when on zoom. My insides just light up from being welcomed so deeply. It is life-changing. The other strategy that sets me on fire is doing evening pages. I’ve done lots of morning pages, but can’t wait until I implement this practice, and know I will sleep much better as a result. Thank you,  Jason.

Jason leads the reader through a lifetime of wisdom to recover our single most important power as humans. The power to choose how we will live, moment by moment, day by day, and year by year. If we lived in a good enough society, and were raised in ‘good enough’ families, we might not have such casualties and wounds to self. We humans just haven’t developed that far yet. That’s our growing edge. Jason has several stories that help us understand why we do things that are against our own best interests. One is immortalized in a Disney film called Tomorrowland with George Clooney which came out in 2015. Which wolf shall we feed? Most of us did not learn those fables in our families. But it is never too late! That is the whole purpose of Jason’s book. No matter how scared we are, we can find our path back to our Core, change habits, stinking thinking patterns and make our way to intentionally creating joy and wellbeing in our lives.
Make no mistake – this journey is not for the faint of heart, that why it is so important to have a community and a coach to help you. But Jason’s book gives your guideposts all along the way. This book is so comprehensive, that you could use it forever and not extract all its value. Keep in mind that this is a journey of a lifetime that each of us is on. None of us do it all at once. The author has summarized a lifetime of learnings. It will take the time it takes to change our life trajectories, recover our best selves, and let them shine.
Anna Fussell, MA, Author of Ride the Wild Dragon & Sounding One’s Song, Shame, Self-Esteem, Creativity and Spirituality; Psychosynthesis Guide
Daniel Benton

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022

Very incisive and to the point. Great reading for anyone in recovery. “Designing Your Great Life” made clear to me that my ideas about self-improvement have been somewhat vague. One thing I got out of the book was a more immediate and focused approach to the issues I need to address to improve my own happiness. For me, going forward, thanks to the book I learned about my inner and outer environments, and how important it is that they be positive and nurturing. I certainly recommend this book for anyone wanting to dig deeper into what they really need to think about and do in order to stay in recovery and have a happy sobriety.”
~ Daniel Benton, screenwriter in recovery


Amazon Customer

Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2022

Certainly worthwhile reading for the clinical healthcare worker, addiction recovery specialist, as well as the individual seeking additional support in their own journey of personal recovery, Jason Wittman’s Designing Your Great Life, is highly recommended reading.
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Arnie Wentland

Reviewed in the United States on April 27, 2022

Great Book! It is like a pocket guide of nuggets, clarifications, and references to many of the ideas expressed by other authors and instructors on the topic of self-improvement. Jason states the idea (prescription), gives a description, provides an example, and many times it is a personal example. The prescriptions in the book are the ones that work and are based on his years of experience applying the research of others.


And from my editor, Shari Reinhart, totally unsolicited though very welcomed!
As a ghostwriter, I write, co-write and develop and edit books for clients on the quiet. It is not my place to get or take credit for my contribution to their books.
And then, there are writers who enjoy letting people know that they hired someone to consult on their manuscript and help with the edits.
Jason Wittman really didn’t need me. He’s so accomplished and so professional and is brilliant at helping people cut through the crap so they can design their great lives.
Read the book. Give it to a friend who is going through something hard. Addiction, mental health, recovery, and everyday thriving is not an easy thing. This book is really a great read!
Namaste Jason and thank you for the privilege of getting to know you and your work.
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