Resume – Jason Wittman


J. Jason Wittman, M.P.S.
P.O. Box 6340
North Hollywood, CA 91603
*LAADC # LR01700815 [Licensed & Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor]
*CAADE #155970-IV [Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor IV]
*ICCS (Internationally Cert. Clinical Supervisor)                                                  *CADC-CS [Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor-Clinical Supervisor


    • –          Experience as an executive director, therapist, counselor, and life/mentor coach.
      –          Worked extensively with adolescents and adults of many ethnicities.
      –          Counseled in many settings; in clinical settings, on the streets, in jails and prisons and on the phone.
      –          Pioneered in providing addiction recovery services to both teens and adults.
      –          Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (CCAPP)
      –          Certified Level IV Addictions Counselor (CAADE)
      –          Internationally Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCAPP)
      –          Founded and directed an adult residential addiction recovery agency.
      –          Very familiar with 12 Step Programs.                                          –          Author of “The Self-Esteem Handbook: How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Heal Your Mind, Body, and Soul–                               –         Author of the autobiographical novel – “The Street Shrink Chronicles”
      –          Author of forthcoming book – “Prescriptions for Life!”
      –          Coached and advised business and professional clients.
      –          Provided Online Marketing services and consultation to local businesses


–          Cornell University – B.S.- Business Management
–          Cornell University – M.P.S. – Counseling Psychology
–          Hypnosis Training Institute of Los Angeles – Certified Hypnotherapist
–          Grinder-DeLozier Institute, Santa Cruz, CA – Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming  (NLP)
–          Erickson College, Vancouver, B.C., Canada – The Art & Science of Coaching


2009 – Present
Stage 2 Recovery Counseling & Mentor Coaching Private Practice

–          Contract provider of group counseling/coaching sessions for IOPs, Detox and RTCs. I have a wide repertoire of presentations; 12 Step, “getting-on-living” life skills, self-esteem/love building, communication skills, automatic creative writing (10th Step writing), general counseling and process groups etc. My most recent assignment was with an IOP and RTC in Encino, doing 12 groups/week for two months,  filling in for a staff on maternity leave.
–          Known as “Successful People’s Secret Weapon,” I counsel and coach business and professional clients, who are recovering from alcoholism and addictions to work and live at their exquisite best.
–          I consult with Sober Living and Drug and Alcohol Treatment facilities, writing the license proposals, designing the elements of a successful program, guiding the start-up process including hiring of staff and advising on general business startup concerns.
–          I coach parents of adolescents and young adults. I am able to put my 35+ years of experience counseling and coaching teenagers, including raising many foster teens and an adopted son of my own, to good use by teaching good parenting to parents who are looking to reconnect with their kids and coaching them through the process.
–          I coach creative people in the Entertainment Industries, teaching them self-confidence and esteem building techniques and advise on career business matters.
–          I counsel people in recovery from alcoholism and addictions.

Bridges Recovery Center
Position – Consultant & Project Developer/manager

Bridges Recovery Center is a 6 bed, luxury residential drug and alcohol recovery program. I shepherded the design and development of this organization from initial concept to a fully functional facility.
–          Rewrote a rejected licensing proposal
–          Designed the therapeutic program and staffing requirements
–          Nursed the application through to acceptance by the State of California
–          Passed the subsequent on-site inspection with no write-ups and lots of praise from the State analyst.
–          Adapted a cloud-based clinical note taking and client tracking system
–          Hired the initial staff

2011 – 2013
Solutions 4 Local Marketing

–          I provided state of the art Online Reputation Management & Marketing tools and assistance to local businesses.
–          I offered Digital Marketing Consulting for Local Businesses making their online presence the best possible.
–          I specialized in: Online Reputation Marketing, Mobile SMS Marketing, Customer Loyalty Programs, & Mobile-friendly Website Design.

2008 – 2009
Beit T’Shuvah Residential Rehab
Position: Counselor

–          I worked for this Jewish, faith-based, residential drug and alcohol program as a counselor, carrying an active caseload of 11 clients.
–          I was able to use all my experience as a counselor, case manager, social worker, therapist and a life coach.
–          I conducted on-going workshops that focused primarily on life skills, and communication skills, utilizing my skills as an NLP practitioner.
–          I also facilitated a weekly drum circle for the clients and staff.

1995 – 2008
Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services, Inc. (LAYSS)
Position: Executive Director

–          I founded Los Angeles Youth Supportive Services (LAYSS) to meet the continuing need for direct on-the-streets counseling of at-risk teens and young adults, 14-25.
–          Innovative programs I developed included:
o   A client savings plan with the cooperation of a local bank, where over the last 10 years, this account has assisted 40 clients to save more than $90,000.
o   A life skills learning program so that clients in their first apartment would have the basic skills for exquisitely dealing with the everyday things of life, like shopping, cooking, cleaning, bank accounts, credit cards, and calmly walking through the intricacies of governmental bureaucracies.
o   A program to train our clients to become production assistants (PAs) in the entertainment industry, with both book training and actual production work.
o   Developed a computer training program utilizing both in-person and CD-ROM programs for instruction.
o   Toll-free numbers for both our office and cell phones to give clients 24/7 access to our Counseling On Demand services.
o   Counseled youth by email and phone, nationwide, that found us via our website.
o   Became an expert on the CA Medical system so that all our eligible clients have been able to get expedited enrollment into that system.

–          The agency used my Counseling On Demand model of providing services.
o   This model involved the professional counseling staff in all aspects of our services from the initial outreach of new clients to follow on counseling.
o   The outreach was non-aggressive with the staff hanging out, where potential clients hang out, and establishing trust and rapport so when there is a need for counseling, the next conversation becomes therapeutic.
o   Client’s had 24/7 access to a staff member that they already knew and trusted.
o   With only one counseling team that I lead, moved an average of 25 adolescents and young adults a year, from the streets and onto productive lives.
o   More information about LAYSS is available at

1993 – 1995
GLA Social Services, Inc.
West Hollywood, California

Position: Director, Youth Supportive Services (YSS)

–          YSS worked with high-risk youth, 12 to 24 years old. Services were provided both conventionally, by social workers working from an office setting and by a mobile counseling team that counseled street youth in their own environment.
–          I designed, wrote and received the funding, implemented, and directed this mobile team that in its first year successfully moved forty-eight youths off the streets.
–          I increased the client population from 5 to 80 clients in less than a year. In addition to my director duties, I carried a full caseload.
–          I was responsible for providing clinical and administrative direction to the social work and secretarial staff.
–          I was the primary author for three funding proposals. I coordinated with other agencies and the community, as well as, with the HRSA (our federal funding source) staff.
–           I represented the agency, nationally, at meetings of associations to which it belonged.

1982 – 1993
The Center for Successful Living
Hollywood, California
Position: Private Practice

–          I specialized in generative counseling. My approach to counseling included Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and 12-step counseling.
–           I assisted clients in recovery programs, in their learning to deal with all the “getting-on-living” issues (self-confidence, stress, anxiety, co-dependency, relationships, etc.) that arise after the initial compulsive behaviors were no longer an issue.
–          I consulted with business executives, advising and coaching them through the psychological and emotional aspects of their business transactions, interpersonal and personal relations and delicate negotiations.
–          I presented workshops that taught the techniques of NLP to business, professional, and salespeople and also taught a workshop on relationships called, “Prerequisites for Successful Relationships”.

1980 -1982
Arizona Center for Hypnotherapy
Phoenix, Arizona
Position: Hypnotherapist in private practice

–          The Center was widely advertised, so I had a wide variety of clients, both adolescent and adult, whose presenting problems covered a wide spectrum, including self-confidence, stress, anxiety, sexual identity conflicts, and unwanted habits.
–          I taught self-hypnosis classes and created and marketed, nationally, a series of self-hypnosis tapes.

1978 – 1979
West Phoenix Neighborhood Services
National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
Position: Field Coordinator

–          I supervised the part of this LEAA funded, anti-crime project that provided an “on-the-street” counseling component to the youths in the target area, a primarily Mexican/American community.
–          Our mission was to reach the normally unreachable street kids in their environment and provide whatever assistance was necessary, be it job or vocational guidance, crisis counseling, client advocacy, or psychotherapy, to get them to feel better about themselves and to develop those life-coping skills necessary for them to stop acting out in self-destructive ways.

–          As a working supervisor, I carried a caseload and supervised two paraprofessional counselors. I originally taught them the skills needed to be roving street counselors.

1978 – 1982
Youth Supportive Services of Phoenix
United Parents & Friends Support Group, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona
Position: Founder, Coordinator, Therapist

–          This project was a voluntary effort by concerned mental health professionals to provide for the well-being of gay and lesbian youths in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
–           I worked on-the-streets with young male street hustlers. Besides general counseling, I assisted them to move into regular, legitimate-type jobs and, if necessary, into living situations with surrogate parents.
–          I coordinated a job referral service and a surrogate parent referral service and facilitated a youth group for gay and lesbian teenagers.

1975 – 1978
Private, Social Work Practice
Tucson, Arizona
Position: Therapist

–          I had a private practice that specialized in working with problem and delinquent teenagers, adults and adolescents with sexual identity problems, and drug and alcohol-dependent people.
–           I was approved by the Pima County Juvenile Probation Department to counsel their clients under the Arizona Family Counseling Act.

1974 – 1975
Give Us A Chance, Inc.
Ithaca, New York
Position: Founder, Advisor, Therapist

–          This youth managed, community agency ran the following activities for adolescents:
·          Our Place – a recreational center for 150 adolescents, provided counseling and therapy in a non-restrictive environment that was an extension of the “street” atmosphere.
·         Willing Workers Maintenance Co., a service business, provided jobs for adolescents and indirectly prepared them for greater responsibility in future employment.
·         These innovative programs, which I conceived and implemented, received national recognition when they were chosen by the National Institute of Drug Abuse as one of eleven model programs in their National Search for Alternative to Drug Abuse.

1971 – 1974
Alpha House, Inc.
Ithaca, New York
Position: Founder, Executive Director, Therapist

–          Feelings-oriented reality therapy was used to assist the clients in their recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction at this residential and out-patient, social model, Therapeutic Community.
–          I designed the therapy programs and recruited, trained, coordinated, and evaluated the staff.
–          I personally led therapy groups, provided individual counseling and coordinated treatment.
–          As Executive Director, I fundraised, wrote grant proposals, coordinated with the community and other agencies, and supervised the administrative and financial activities.

1968 -1971
Lawrence Wittman & Co.
Copiague, New York
Position: Facilities Manager

–          I planned and coordinated all daily production activities, reorganized the workflow and equipment usage to maximize the efficiency of production, and supervised the maintenance personnel of this custom molding fiberglass plastics manufacturer.

1964 – 1968
United States Air Force
Position: Fuels Management Officer

–          I commanded a unit of 250 enlisted personnel and was responsible for the receiving, storage, and distribution of all the petroleum products and the manufacturing, storage and delivery of liquid oxygen and nitrogen on an Air Force base. I served both at bases in the United States and in Viet Nam.