NEW!!!! Free, Weekly Sober Coaching/Counseling Support Group on ZOOM !!!

Every Thursday Starting Oct 28th at 5 – 6 PM Pacific on ZOOM

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In an effort to be of service to lots of folks who have found themselves at whits-end due to the COVID-19 imposed layoffs, isolation, and loneliness, I am setting aside an hour of each week to being available on a ZOOM call for anyone who would like to tap my 43 years of coaching and counseling experience as well as the experience of living a drug and alcohol-free life for all that time.

The format will be hearing your questions about the “getting-on-living” problems you are experiencing in your life, right now: recovery issues, self-esteem, self-confidence, relationships, job-related, loneliness, etc. Then with my coaching and counseling assist you to figure out some good solutions. At times, when it is appropriate, I will share new concepts and techniques that from my experience I know have worked for my clients and myself.

If I think it is more than what can be handled in this open, brief coaching format, I will assist you to find on-going assistance from well-qualified people or organizations.

Please note: that I have a broad eclectic psychological, counseling, and coaching background. I firmly believe that the 12 Steps of AA, as well as, the 12 Step group structure and fellowships are very useful to the development of a clean and sober lifestyle. For that reason, my guidance and coaching will incorporate relevant 12 Step material and teachings. I will patiently work through any reservations or considerations you might have with 12 Step programs to increase your understanding and acceptance of them as tools for your recovery process. What I will not do is debate the relative value of other types of recovery programs, such as Smart Recovery. If you are wed to those programs, I invite you to seek out their gurus. It’s not me.

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